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Vaginal Boils Treatment

A vaginal boil is the infection which is caused deep inside the skin, in the beginning the boil is red in color and then slowly it becomes tender, hardens and slowly gets filled with pus. Vaginal boils is very painful and uncomfortable. Generally the vaginal boil appears on the labia which have pus filled lumps.

There may be many reason for the formation of boils such as splinters, ingrown hairs and some other foreign bodies that gets inside the skin and this can even result in the blocked sweet glands which later gets infected. Basic reason behind this may be poor personal hygiene and unbalanced diet.

It is important to start the treatment of the vaginal oils as soon as possible. If it is left untreated then it can lead to dangerous complications. It is important to understand that the vaginal boil is very contagious and incase the boils burst then with its infection another boil can also occur. In the extreme case the pus may get into the blood stream which may result in further complications due to this reason outbreaks of boils may occur in other parts of body.

In order to cure the boils problem it is important to gently apply a warm cloth which must be soaked in salty solution to the affected area. It is important to repeat this procedure four times a day. Remember it is vitally important that you do not burst the boil and allow the pus to escape before it is naturally ready.

To prevent future outbreaks of vaginal boils, you can wash with an anti bacterial soap and wear cotton underwear (frequent changes are required). If you take a lot of exercise try and keep your groin area as dry and clean as possible.