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What Are Sore Boils

Generally, Sore boils are caused due to bacterial infection that appears as swollen bumps on skin resulting in pain and discomfort. Initially it appears as red and tender spots but gradually it gets filled with pus. There may be formation of single boil or in clusters depending on the severity of infection.

They are mostly formed in the places where there is excess secretion of sweat such as neck, armpits, groins and genital parts of the body. If it occurs on buttocks, it causes great pain while sitting or lying down. Sore boils are mostly caused due to growth of staph bacteria on the moist skin. The bacteria generally exist as colonies on the surface of skin and easily enter the body through possible cuts or damaged part of skin. It is observed that such boils may also occur due to ingrown hair follicles due to friction caused by tight garments.

Weak immune system caused due to chronic illness is also said as one of the reasons for the formation of boils. Antibiotics are recommended by the doctors for the treatment of boils but in mild cases it gets cured when the pus filled within the lump drains out. Formation of head is important that serves as a passage for pus to drain out.

However one should not touch the pus with bare hands as it is highly infectious and the bacteria present within it may spread to other parts of the body. Soaking the affected area in warm water or giving warm compresses enable rapid ripening of boils. Boil lancing should be avoided and if at all required must be performed under medical supervision only.

Taking well balanced diet along with keeping oneself clean and hygienic prevents the formation of sore boils in the near future.