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How to Treat Painful Boils

Boils are often associated with severe pain and discomfort and hence referred as painful boils. It is quite irritating to deal with. It is mainly caused due to bacterial infection of the skin or due to ingrown hair follicle infection. Boils are common in people having poor immunity and malnutrition due to deficient diet. Moreover the risk of boils also increases due to diseases like diabetes.

Such boils contain pus within it and requires it to drain out completely befored it gets healed. It requires certain time for recovery and has symptoms of inflammation, marked redness and pain.Many people switch to antibiotics, if they have painful boils on a regular basis but over use of such antibiotics make the bacteria resiastant and difficult to kill.

Rather treating them in a natural way sometimes proves to be more effective. Hygiene plays a key role in curing boils and preventing them in near future. Boils are nothing but skin infection and you can prevent them by keeping your body free from infection. Washing the affected area with antibacterial soap two to three times a day minimizes the chances of bacterial growth that causes boils.

Wait for the boils to drain out with the application of hot compresses to reduce inflammation of the painful boils. Never attempt to scratch or squeeze boils as it may cause pain. Drinking plenty of fluid such as water helps to flush out toxins accumulated in the body. Turmeric is a natural healer as it helps in the purification of blood and prevents skin infection such as boils.

Including important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals also helps in the treatment of boils. Moreover you can also try using supplements having multi-vitamins. But make sure to consult a health professional before taking them.