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How to Treat Open Boils

When the pus or clear fluid within the boil starts to drain out, it is referred as open boils or oozing boils. Proper care should be maintained as the pus is highly contagious and can cause the infection to other parts of body as well. It should be treated gently in order to avoid scar marks that results due to scratching the boils. The boils should be well covered as to keep the infected area clean. If possible one should use of gloves while touching the infected area.

Hygiene should be maintained and hands should be properly washed with antiseptic soap before touching the boil. Bandaids should be applied on the boils after cleaning them thoroughly with water. This makes the area germ free and protects from bacterial action. Replace the bandaid regularly. Draining of pus indicates good sign for the boils to heal up quickly, if the pus does not ooze out, apply warm compress to the affected area, it sppeds up the recovery process and serves as effective treatment with formation of head for open boils.

Soaking the boil in warm water also helps in minimizing the pain and discomfort. This may also cause the boil to drain out completely. Applying few drops of tea tree oil or iodine makes the infected area free from germs and bacteria. Iodine and tea tree oil acts as natural disinfectant. Avoid applying pressure or squeezing the boil as it may be painful experience and make the situation worst.

You should never share personal belongings such as towel, clothes etc with others to keep the infection from spreading any further. If required do consult your doctor or health care professional and seek advice or opinion regarding cure for open boils.