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Lancing Boils: Method to cure Boil

Boils are very painful and infectious so its proper treatment on correct time is very necessary. Boils are of many types accordingly its treatment also vary so it is important to take special care of infected boils. But in case you do not have infected boils then there arise the chance to take the advice of medical professional.

Boils are packets of infection that are present deep inside the skin that starts deep inside the skin, it is basically found around the hair follicle. Generally boils are found around the neck, face and in sweaty and high friction area. So it is important to remember that lancing boils yourself should not be performed as such it may spread the infection all over.

Important instructions are necessary to perform to provide proper and safe treatment of boils:

  • It is important to keep the area of boil clean; in this situation it is important for you to use tonner, astringent it will be helpful in bringing the boil to form a head. At this time apply it on cotton and put it on the boils for some minutes. It is important to apply this several times in a day.

  • Generally boils take 7 days to form a head but if it is not becomes ready to drain then in this situation do not lance the boil as such it may be infectious.

  • But when the boil has formed head then you can lance it but before performing it. You should first clean the area around it and then wash your boil and with soap, water. It is important to sterilize the needle that you are going to use for puncture the boil with alcohol.

  • It is important to brace yourself because lancing a boil will hurt.

  • Then carefully insert the tip of the needle in the center of the boil’s head, but remember that needle should not go deep inside the boil.

  • Then gently squeeze the boil with force by sending entire infection out.

Then it is important to clean the pus coming out from boil. And then wash your hands and area around the boil nicely so that infection may not spread. After this dry the area and put bandage on it. This may happen that boil continue to ooze for some day so in this condition clean the area and keep changing the bandage regularly.