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Ingrown Hair Boil

An ingrown hair boil develops due to deep bacterial infection present within the hair follicles of the skin. It causes the affected area to become red and inflamed. Initially it is quite tender to touch but as the infection spreads it becomes hard and painful. Pubic regions are quite common for the development of the ingrown hairs. It results in itching and if you scratch them with your nails or any sharp objects, it may develop into a boil.

Staphylococcus bacteria are usually found on the surface of your skin and enter in the body through damaged or wounded skin. The bacteria easily infect the areas around the ingrown hair. There is a deposition of white clear fluid known as pus in the boils and draining of the pus is important for complete healing of that boil.

It is important to have proper treatment of the boils, ignoring it may further cause severe complications. Many people hesitate to consult a doctor as they feel shy about ingrown hair boil and in such cases you may also try some natural remedies that may prove to be effective. Applying hot compresses by soaking the towel in warm water and gently keeping it on the surface of the boils is quite effective. It gives you instant relief from pain and discomfort.

You should not attempt to squeeze the boil in order to drain the pus until it drains on its own. In any case if you wish to lance it, consult your doctor. Moreover you should also keep the area around the boil neat and clean by properly washing it with anti-bacterial soap. It is important to disinfect the area around the boils in order to prevent infection from spreading any further.

Use of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor is important for the removal of the bacterial infection. There are several ointments and topical treatments available that can be applied on the surface of ingrown hair boil.