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Home Remedies for Boils Treatment

Boils are very painful, it is nasty red that form pimple like knots and is caused due to skin break and then the skin becomes infected. Basically the infection is caused due to bacteria that set itself in the hair follicle. It is important to get its treatment as early as possible because as it grows it become more severe, generally it is found on face, thighs, buttocks, scalp, growing area and underarms.

But it can appear in any part of the body and it usually lasts for two weeks and in this period it gets filled with pus and drain. Boils Treatment should be done on time, it can be done by opting home remedies, for that it is necessary to follow some home remedies that are discussed below:

  • At first boil half cup of water and then add cornmeal in it to make paste, then apply it on the boil and cover with cloth. This should be applied after every two hours until boils forms head and drains out.
  • Boil a cup or jar in a pot full of water and then take it out and make it cool little bit and then apply it as suction over the boil. It will be helpful to bring blood circulation in that area and will be helpful in getting rid of it faster.
  • Warm up a cup of milk and then slowly add 3 spoon of salt remember that you are not required to add the salt fast as such it will result in curdle. Then simmer milk and salt for 10 minutes and then add the flour in it to thicken it and then apply the solution on the boil until the boils form a head and bursts.
  • Cut a thick piece of onion and put it on the boil and put a cloth over onion keep replacing the onion after every few hours until boils comes to a head and drains away.

You can use all these home remedies as treatment for boils as such it is very effective and provides relief from boil pain by regular use. The important thing is that it is natural and does not show any side effects.