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How to Treat Furuncle?

Furuncle, also known as boils is a hair follicle infection generally caused by staphylococcus bacteria or some other fungus infection. It results due to invasion of the micro-organisms within the damaged surface of the skin or hair follicle. Initially it develops as a soft nodule or pimple but gets large and inflamed as the infection increases.

It gets filled with white clear fluid or pus which needs to be drained out for the boils treatment. In some cases, there may be great pain resulting due to furuncle. It may develop in the warm and moist areas of body such as arms, thighs, groin and buttocks. But, it can occur in almost any other part of body.

If the furuncle is small like pimple, it may be cured within few days without any treatment but if it has covered a large area, it needs to be treated properly. Prevention is important for avoiding such bacterial infection and maintaining of proper hygiene is must. Using good anti-bacterial soap for bath is an effective step for keeping your body free from infection.

Unfortunately, if you are suffering from furuncles in places like ear canal or nose, the treatment becomes difficult and consulting your physician becomes important for proper treatment. If several furuncles occur simultaneously and cover a large area, it results in carbunculosois.

Washing of your hands with antiseptic soap is important before or after touching your furuncle. Moreover sharing of personal belongings such as towels and clothes should be strictly avoided as it may spread to other person as well. Hot compresses provide relief in the pain and swelling of the affected areas. Care must be taken not to allow the pus to spread to other parts of your body as it is highly contagious.

Pus should be drained out for the drying up of furuncles but you should never attempt to squeeze or apply pressure on the furuncles. Moreover, it persists more than a week, proper treatment becomes vital. Antibiotics are generally prescribed by the doctors to prevent further infection.