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Boils in Pubic Area

Boils in pubic area are caused due to inflammation of hair follicles. It is usually quite painful and embarrassing to reveal. Pubic area is the most sensitive parts of the body. Boils mostly develop in pubic area including groin or vagina in females. Initially there is formation of tender lump which is pink or deep red in color but gradually it gets filled with clear fluid or pus. Later on it gets enlarged and is painful as it covers a large area.

Bacteria develop in the warm and moist part of the body and pubic area is most suitable part of the body favoring bacterial growth. Boils in pubic area is caused due to lack of hygiene. Hygiene is important for preventing boils but there are other factors responsible for the boils to develop as well. Bacterial infection that enters the body through damaged or open wound present on the skin, lack of proper diet and compromised immuity of the body are probable causes for boils.

Generally females experience such boils during menstrual cycle as there is maximum growth of bacteria during periods. Maintenance of hygiene is important with the use of anti-bacterial soaps.It is not easy to treat boils present on pubic region of the body and one should not delay to consult a doctor.

In the mean time you can also try some home based and natural treatment for curing boils in pubic area. Applying warm compress on the affected area causes boils to mature and helps in the draining of pus. Draining of pus is essential for the boils to heal up. However you should never attempt to squeeze the boil as it may further make the case complicated. Moreover you can also apply figs as they are suitable for preventing infection to spread any further.