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Boils and Pain Relief

Boils are generally skin infection caused by the growth of bacteria on the surface of your skin or results due to infection around ingrown hair follicles. Initially, a boil resembles like small pimple but gradually it increases in size and gets filled with pus. If left untreated, the pus drains out which provides boils pain relief.

If the boil is comparatively smaller in size, it does not require any special treatment and may get cured within few day but the real problem lies when it increases in the size. Such boils becomes red in color and causes inflammation of the adjoining areas. It may be accompanied by severe pain and may even result in high fever.

It requires special care and proper treatment for fast recovery. It is advised to consult your doctor for determining the course of treatment. Meanwhile, you may also try some natural ways to treat or minimize its symptoms. There is a formation of head in the boils through which the pus drains out for complete recovery.

However you should never attempt to drain out the pus by exerting pressure on the boil as it may make the conditions more severe causing immense pain. If required, boil lancing should be performed under the supervision of your doctor.

However applying warm compresses twice or thrice regularly may be effective in easing out the pain and works as boils pain relief. It is also important to keep the affected area clean and it should be washed properly using a good anti-bacterial soap. One should avoid fingering the boil every now and then as it may further spread the infection to other parts of the body.

Applying herbal ointments such as aloe vera gel and tea tree oil is regarded as good natural alternative for the treatment of boils. It helps in fighting the infection and promotes healing. However, these are just an alternative and should not be regarded as proper treatment. If the pus present in the boil is unable to drain out, you must fix an appointment with your doctor and seek his advice without any further delay.