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Boils on stomach

Boils are blisters often filled with pus which is a white clear fluid and may appear on any part of your body. Boils on stomach are quite painful as it causes discomfort while lying down ventrally. They are mostly found due to presence of staphylococcus bacterium which enters into the skin of stomach if there is an infection caused due to wound or cut.

Boils are extremely painful as mentioned above measuring few centimeters in dimension which are highly infectious if the pus spreads to other parts of your body. Great care and precaution should be taken at the time when your boil bursts. There are chances of the pus to spread to other parts of your body and may cause infection. Sometimes boils causes fever which indicates that it has infected your lymphatic system as well.

Lack of treatment causes boils on stomach to heal within two weeks. But it is always better to provide medical care for the quick treatment of boils. Boils should never be lanced or drained without a doctor. Lancing or surgically draining of the boil should be done by an experienced physician and proper antibiotic drugs should be taken for proper healing of it.

Sometimes if boils are ignored may result in severe consequences such as sepsis which causes infection to your blood. Severe infection leads to poisoning and accompanied by high grade temperature which can be fatal. If the boil is severe and remains for long period of time, it causes deep scars which remain permanently throughout your life. So it is always better to provide instant medical care for quick relief and recovery.

Boils on stomach can be avoided by maintaining good hygiene. Proper care should be taken while cleaning the infected area with the help of antiseptic soap and not sharing the personal belongings with others. Moreover any damage or wounds which are there on your body should be properly covered in order to prevent further infection.