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Boils on Breast

Boils can develop on any part of the body having infection due to the presence of staphylococcus bacteria. The infection is common in areas having moisture and as such boils on breast is common in lactating females. Breast boils or abscess is similar to other boils and is filled with white clear fluid known as pus.

It results in inflammation of the breasts and is caused when the bacteria enters there through bruised or damaged skin during breast feeding. It creates a great difficulty for the women to feed her baby. The breast boil may also develop due to blocked milk ducts that prevent the flow of milk. The skin around the breast becomes inflamed, red and tender due to the boil and requires medical attention. Avoid squeezing or pinching the boils as it may aggravate your symptoms and cause severe pain.

It is important for women to examine her breast regularly after nursing the baby. On detecting any abnormalities or lump should immediately consult her doctor and get it examined. Boils on breast can be easily treated if detected at an early stage. Nursing mother can get infected with the bacteria due to lack of proper hygiene. The bacteria can even penetrate through cracks present on the nipples and infect the milk ducts. However the mother should not stop feeding her baby as it would further worsen the situation.

Proper hygiene should be maintained and the affected area should be regularly washed with water before and after breast feeding. Warm compress should be given for instant relief from the pain to the infected area. It is important to consult a doctor and go for proper treatment of the boils on breast.

It is important to take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to prevent further infection. It helps in the production of antibodies for killing the bacteria and provides better immunity to such infections in future.