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Boils on Inner Thigh

Boils are most horrible and painful experience that we all have suffered at some point in our life and boils on inner thigh is even more difficult condition to cope with. It causes great discomfort while walking when the thighs gets rubbed together, you experience stinging pain.

Have you ever wondered as what causes boils? For your information, boils are generally skin infection of the dermal layers caused due to staph infection. The staphylococcus bacteria easily enter the body or inner thighs through damaged or cut present and spread the infection. Immunity of the body also counts for occurrence of boils. If the immune system is weak it cannot resist the bacterial infection and results in the formation of boils. Uncomfortable or tight outfits may also cause damage to the hair follicles thus resulting in boils on inner thigh.

It is always advised not to finger the pus filled boils as it may carry the infection to other parts of body such as face, arms, neck etc. It gets healed up naturally with the draining of the pus but home remedies are useful in curing boils present on inner thighs. It comprise of application of hot compresses on the affected area by placing a soft cloth gently soaked with warm water. The process should be repeated atleast thrice a day. It usually gives relief from the stinging pain and also results in the eruption of boils.

Rubbing apple cider vinegar or honey gently on the surface of boils eases pain and discomfort. If there is no respite in the pain, consulting your doctor is the wisest step. Boil lancing is generally advised by the doctors for boils on inner thigh. Although boils are not life threatening as such but it should also not be taken too lightly. Taking precautions and following the above mentioned procedures will surely help in the treatment of boils.