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Boils around Genital Area

The boil usually grow as a small lump that is made up of pus and dead skin tissue; it can become quite large and turn into whitish color as the pus continues to build up. Boils can develop anywhere on the body, but the most common places for boils are on the neck, back, shoulders, face, underarms, and buttocks. They do sometimes occur in the genital area as well.

Boils around genitals can be quite uncomfortable and extremely painful. It is quite difficult to treat such boils as they are located in the private parts and causes embarrassment. It is important you do not finger it as they are sensitive and more prone to infection.

Causes of Genital Boils

It is important to know about the different factors responsible for the boils and some of the most common causes of genital boils are listed below:
  • Genital boils are caused due to ingrown hair in and around the genitals.
  • Damage to the Hair follicles.
  • The result of a splinter or any other foreign material present in the skin.
  • Blocked and subsequently infected sweat glands.
  • Cut or damage in the skin that gets infected.
  • Lack of proper hygiene

Symptoms of Genital Boils

•  Boils are usually filled with pus that is tender, red, and painful.

•  The area around the genitals usually starts to itch when the boil is developing.

•  The center of the lump becomes white or yellow when it is about or ready to drain the pus.

•  People with genital boils have a tendency to develop fever and swollen lymph nodes.

•  Although boils are found on the face, underarms, legs, thighs; it is not uncommon for a boil to appear on the genitals such as vagina and labia.


It is important to seek medical help immediately in order to prevent serious complications. Ignoring boils can aggravate the situation and cause delay in the healing process. Boil X spray is the natural homeopathic treatment for the boils that provides instant relief naturally.