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Lancing a Boil

Boils are extremely painful if they are not properly treated and they may cause severe infection which takes a longer duration to recover. In such cases it becomes mandatory for the patients to consult a doctor for its proper treatment. It can be treated by taking a complete dose of anti-biotic. However there are still chances for the boils to develop again.

Boil lancing is another option for the treatment of boils. It is surgically removing the pus from the boil. But you should never attempt it yourself as it may be extremely painful experience. Moreover there are chances for a severe infection to develop. Boils contain white clear fluid in the form of pus which is highly infectious and may lead to the development of a boil to other parts of your body as well. It is necessary to drain out the entire pus for the complete drying and healing of the infected boil.

If you attempt to lance a boil, there are chances for the development of the permanent scar marks which looks quite ugly and remains forever. Boil lancing should be performed by experienced doctor for the proper recovery and treatment of the boils. Moreover there are less chances of the development of the infection again. Use of proper sterilized surgical equipment is important for complete draining of the pus from the affected area. it depends on the nature and location of the boil.

Once the procedure is complete, the affected area is cleaned and proper dressing is required. Applying hot packs to the affected for about 20 minutes on a regular basis is quite effective. Use of proper antibiotic soap for cleaning the area is must. It depends on the severity and nature if further lancing a boil is required or not. However this procedure is quite painful as compared to other form of treatment and should be taken as the last option.