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Causes of Armpit Boils

Armpit boils are mainly caused due to the infection of the hair follicles which is present under the arms and causes severe pain and uncomfortable feeling. The boil contains pus which appears as white clear fluid which affects the entire area and results in swelling and inflammation. If they are not well treated they cause a lot of discomfort and even may result in high fever. Boils are also termed as skin abscess due to fluid or pus present within it. It becomes difficult to treat them because of their location and hence they are the worst kind of boils.

The factors which are responsible for boils under armpits are:

  • Lack of proper hygiene such as not taking regular bath and not cleaning the armpits is the most important factor for the development of the under arm boils. It results in excessive sweating and the dirt particles get trapped in it which causes growth of bacteria leading to boils.

  • Sweat glands are present on the surface of the skin which causes excessive sweating specially in the areas around armpits. It causes blockage of the hair follicles leading to the sweat glands which may result in boils.

  • Underarm shaving causes growth of hairs which results in sweating and skin infection in the armpit region often resulting in the formation of boils.

  • Presences of bacteria on the surface of armpits are quite common as the place is covered with hairs which make it warm and ideal for the growth of bacteria. This is one of the reasons for formation of armpit boils.

  • Sometimes hair follicles present under arms get damaged due to friction and leads to the development of painful sore. Moreover change in the hormones in women during menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance after menopause may be one of the causes of armpit boils.

Boils are quite painful and often leads to major problems and disturbs your normal routine of the life. It should be treated properly and you should take appropriate medical help for quick recovery. Ignoring it will lead to severe complications and discomfort resulting to infection and pain.